Heather & Timothy


After hearing a loud crash, 10-year-old Timothy raced to the bottom of the driveway to find his Dad lying on the side of the road, struck by a speeding car. He died later that evening in the hospital.

“He withdrew from everything he loved,” says his Mom, Heather. 

Timothy is a Kairos Kid.  And, because of the generous donation from people like you, he’s found solace at Hope Reins. “I feel like I’ve got a little bit of my boy back,” says Heather.

Kairos Kids face acute crisis and need immediate support.  That’s why we’re asking generous donors like you to help fund 50 more Kairos Kids before December 31.  

Know that every dollar you give will be MATCHED up to $50K! Whatever amount you give – it’s doubled!

Thank you for your generosity!

For donation assistance or questions, please email Jeanine Brown, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, at admin@hopereinsnc.org.