Not only does Hope Reins transform the lives of kids and horses served at the ranch, but our staff, volunteers, donors, partners, sponsors and the community as a whole are ALL impacted for HIS good and glory! The intangible ripple effect that flows from every session, special event, or outreach project – like our Military Day for children of fallen Fort Bragg soldiers – strengthens relationships and tethers hearts to the love of Jesus Christ.

  • We Increase Hope
  • We Improve Behavior
  • We provide a restorative environment
  • We clinically reduce anxiety, stress, grief, and depression
  • We are pastorally and clinically-tested to decrease the frequency of unhealthy behavior
  • We champion diversity and reach every demographic

2500 SESSIONS serving 1,000 kids in just 4 years

Change in Behavior in just 3 sessions

  • We love partnering and engaging with the local community
  • We take tremendous pride in authentic relationships
  • We are scalable with our land and staff
  • Equestrian Therapy  is unique and safe with zero unhealthy side effects
  • We serve the whole family and help change the sometimes hopeless and damaging issues passed generationally.