Can transform a hurting child’s life…

A single minute in your regular day might seem insignificant, and yet for many kids at Hope Reins, that minute might be their pivotal moment of healing. Our mission at the ranch is to comfort all hurting kids, but we’ve also recognized that there is a subgroup in acute crisis requiring immediate, sustained services through a crucial season of need.

Kairos ˈkīräs (Greek) The right or opportune moment

We invite you to learn more about our Kairos Kids, and how their courage, along with God’s keen sense of timing, can powerfully redirect pain and grief into hope and healing at the ranch.

Their time for Hope Reins is now.
Your time to help is today.

Many times, these two adorable brothers arrive at the ranch holding hands with their Dad, whose unfaltering love for his boys is evident the minute you meet him. Together, the trio is slowly recovering after losing ‘Mommy’ to an almost 4-year battle with cancer.
Josh and Matt (6 & 8)
The humiliation and pain of severe bullying and sexual assault at school pierced the heart of this young girl, leaving her only an outer shell of crippling anxiety. Building a bridge of trust and hope after a tumultuous past that included a suicide attempt has been of utmost importance during sessions.
Kaitlyn (10)
Imagine a kindergartner being sex-trafficked. Sarah’s value was based on how much money her parents could acquire for drugs by selling the little girl’s body – and it almost destroyed her life. When Wake County Social Services rescued her, she was living locked in the trunk of the family car.
Sarah (13)
Everyone has moments of Kairos – when life is overwhelming and time seems altogether motionless.  Suicide, sexual abuse, and terminal illness are just a few of the circumstances that bring our kids’ lives to a standstill.


Kairos Kids can’t wait, so we need to be ready.  By helping to fund the dedicated ranch staff, one-on-one sessions, and other personalized programming, a child’s crippling moment can be transformed into a time of eternal significance.