Hope Reins serves children and youth ages 5-18 years old that have been through or are struggling with difficult life challenges such as abuse, trauma, neglect, loss, anxiety, behavioral issues, chronic illness, PTSD or living in a high-risk environment. Hope Reins offers a variety of programs that seek to meet the needs of the community in different ways. All of this is done free of charge.

Read below about the programs at Hope Reins. To apply to participate in any sessions at Hope Reins, please complete the application herePlease note the minimum criteria to apply:

      • Child ages 5-18
      • Child is in acute life crisis (multiple or high impact life stressors listed above) 
      • Child must want to participate
      • Child must be mentally, physically, and emotionally able to relate

Our Client Relations Coordinator will contact you throughout the approval process. If you have questions about the sessions program, please contact or call 919-345-4914.

One-on-One Sessions

Hope Reins’ one-on-one sessions offer the hope and healing of Christ through a relationship with a horse and session leader. Because every kid who steps on our ranch is unique, we’ve designed our one-on-one sessions to be individualized experiences.

The horses act as a bridge to establish trust with each child. Our session leaders facilitate the relationship building experience by sharing our horses’ stories of rescue and recovery, which opens up a natural access point for kids to process their own hurt for healing. Real friendships are formed as the session leader and child work together on ranch chores, talk by the pond while fishing, or harvest vegetables from the garden.
The physical and emotional connections developed between the kids, session leaders, and our horses during these sessions have the power to transform broken spirits, restore lost trust, and inspire hope.

Group Sessions

Hope Reins Group Sessions offer shared growth and specific healing by bringing together children who are facing similar circumstances and striving towards similar goals.

These sessions are goal-oriented and provide an opportunity for peers to work through topics such as establishing boundaries, self-expression, and communication. By participating in experiential learning activities with horses and each other they are able to make progress toward their own specific goals.


Bloom is a place of gathering, growth, and leadership for young ladies at the ranch. This two-hour, bi-monthly program allows young ladies (ages 14-18) to engage in experiential learning that activates the heart, body, and mind. Bloom fosters meaningful relationships with peers, positive role models, and the Lord through focusing on developing community and trust.


Build exists to inspire character, friendship, and Godly leadership in young men. This  two-hour program for young men (ages 11-15) meets every other week at the ranch, focusing on growth and development through games, work projects, and team building. Build offers a unique opportunity for these guys to bond with their peers while learning from their mentors what it looks like to be a young Christian man.

Ranch Fellowship

Ranch Fellowship Events bring the children, their families, and volunteers together in the Hope Reins community. Families with similar stories have the opportunity to interact and meet each other and share life with the volunteers. Kids and teens enjoy sharing their favorite horse with their parents, meeting and playing with other kids their age, and just being at their favorite place.


Hope Reins Round Ups come alongside the amazing work of our community partners by offering a unique ranch experience to the children they serve.

Community  participants have the opportunity to learn about ranch life while meeting our horses, playing games, having s’mores, and engaging in experiential learning activities. This provides each group with the chance to get to know the environment of healing and hope on the ranch.

Summer Camp

Hope Reins Summer Camp allows children to experience Hope in a unique and in-depth way. Children are immersed in the fun of ranch life through this weeklong experience. The activities range from learning basic horsemanship, riding, and ranch chores to crafts, games, and devotional time. At Summer Camp, children have the opportunity to develop relationships with horses, people, and God at the beautiful ranch!