The Need

Many struggling families in Wake County and surrounding areas look for a place like Hope Reins. A quiet respite in the face of a chaotic world – where a one-on-one relationship is valued and connecting with a magnificent horse – one of our ‘angels in horsehair’ – serves to comfort the pain and sorrow that is all too common in a hurting kid’s day-to-day life.

In Wake County Alone :


reported cases of child abuse in 2013.


kids in foster care in 2013.


children ages 10-19 committed suicide in North Carolina. (2004-2008)



divorces and annulments filed in Wake County in 2010.


hospitalized for self-inflicted injuries.

Core Values:

Jesus Heals

Grace is our Default

Be Authentic

Share Your Story

Make it Better

Our History

It all began with a horse, a child and a dream. It was a sweltering summer day in July 2010 when 10-year-old Marcus climbed atop Gabe, the former party pony adopted by Hope Reins to serve as the first official ‘equine counselor.’ The red-haired foster boy wore a broad smile and sat upright as his counselor led Gabe around the pasture – unaware that he was the first of many more hurting kids that would enter the gates of this special place